Tuesday, March 31, 2020

"Adventures in the Land of Astra" - Amy Refaat, Illustrations by Nour Metwally

Amy Refaat's "Adventures in the Land of Astra" is an intelligent and inspiring story centered around Dean, a young man with a big vision for making the world a better place. It's a vision that isn't exactly embraced by his parents, his fellow students, or the world around him. However, when he gets the chance to visit another world where his vision may very well be utilized to help them avoid a potential war they've never experienced, Dean discovers that his unique vision is worth celebrating and he learns to appreciate differences in the people around him.

"Adventures in the Land of Astra" is an enjoyable read, a book likely to be most embraced by teens and even adults who will be able to appreciate its simply presented yet multi-layered concepts. A relatively short read, "Adventures in the Land of Astra" is engaging and will certainly be embraced by those who appreciate stories around peace, conflict resolution, inclusion, and responsible living.

I appreciated Refaat's ability to embrace the insecurities and fears that so many of us feel in living into our visions and strengths, while I also appreciated that she could write about healthy living without approaching it condescendingly. When she began writing about healthy eating, for example, I fully expected a condemnation of meat but instead was greeted by a story that understood the differences that exist in everyone. Bravo.

I was directed toward this book by a friend and it's always exciting to support indie authors and certainly I am glad to have discovered Amy Refaat.

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