Thursday, March 26, 2020

"Little Faith, Big God" - Debbie Wilson

Debbie W. Wilson's "Little Faith, Big God: Grace to Grow When Your Faith Feels Small" is what I would refer to as a "working" Christian's book. 

What do I mean by this? Quite simply, "Little Faith, Big God" isn't so much a book you simply sit down and read - it's a book you commit to experiencing. Wilson acknowledges this in the book's opening pages when she recommends that you have a bible handy as you begin what is intended to be an eight-week journey through Hebrews 11, a chapter of the Bible often referred to as the faith chapter precisely because it shares the stories of ordinary people who, by faith, pleased God. 

Wilson weaves together stories, mostly from her own life, along with reflections, applications, and discussion questions at the end of each section. She intersperses Scripture throughout, a sure sign that you truly will benefit from having your bible nearby so that you can read scriptures, reflect on questions, and fully engage yourself with the book. 

Wilson's work seems to be able to flexibly be used with various translations of Scripture and she even references The Message at one point. Only recently released on 2/11/20, "Little Faith, Big God" is a simple collection intended to inspire Christians to dig deeper into Hebrew 11 but also to be gentler with themselves in their faith journeys. Wilson is a Christian life coach, author, and Bible teacher with Lighthouse Ministries and also had a long background working with Campus Crusade for Christ. 

Wilson's theological approach could easily be identified as a more traditional evangelical theology as her scriptural interpretations are revealed you can see where she leans toward traditional, more widely accepted interpretations of Hebrews 11. As I was provided an Advanced Review Copy with expectation of a review, I didn't have the time up front to fully immerse myself in the experience of the book but I do intend to do so as Wilson's approach to the material is easy to understand, accessible, and would be a terrific option for church study groups or for working with newer Christians seeking to better understand the Bible. 

As a seminary graduate, I can't say that I found "Little Faith, Big God" to offer much in the way of new knowledge or insight but I appreciated the experience of reading it for what it did offer and how it offered me the opportunity to not only reflect but also to more fully understand my own faith journey.

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